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Afro Nerds Small Business IT Support offer a full networking setup  + can fix any issues that you may have with your current network that allows all of your devices to communicate together easily, as well as keeping the Security Tight! When you buy one of our business networking services we will secure your network for FREE!

Let Me Educate You Why Having A Secure Network Is Vital!

.Most small business and new business start ups try to save costs by either trying to set up their network themselves, get a friend or family member to set it up cheaply or choose the cheapest networking company they find which most don`t have a clue about Internet Security. Most criminals know this and know there is a massive hole in security in small and new business networks. Do you know that small businesses and new start up businesses are the most targeted by cyber attack for criminals. In the UK, the most important piece of legislation that organisations must worry about is the Data Protection Act and the possibility of fines by the information commissioner (ICO).

Below are the only some of the most significant data breaches to hit the UK. If criminals can target the Big Boys then small unsecured businesses are sitting ducks!

  • Infamous data breaches – Wonga (2017)
  • Infamous data breaches – Three (2017)
  • Infamous data breaches – Sports Direct (2017)
  • Infamous data breaches – Barclay Bank (2016)
  • Infamous data breaches – Tesco Bank (2016)
  • Infamous data breaches – Kiddicare (2016)
  • Infamous data breaches – TalkTalk (2015)
  • Infamous data breaches – Moonpig (2015)

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Afro Nerds small business IT Support are not only experts in small business and new start up networking, BUT experts in Internet Security also

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60% of Small Businesses Close For 3 Months After A Cyber Attack. 30% Of New Starts Ups Close Permanently After A Cyber Attack

BE WARNED, CHEAP CAN SOMETIMES BE EXPENSIVE. Dont Think I Cant afford it. Think, Can I Afford To Lose My Business? It it far cheaper for us to secure your network then for us to fix a unsecured hacked network plus additional potential fines from Data Protection Act and even clients might take you to court for breach of confidentiality.

According to the latest Risk:Value report from NTT Com Security, the majority of businesses in the UK (57 per cent) nowadays expect to be breached, and anticipate it would cost them £1.2 million on average. This is the highest number globally, the report adds. This does not include hidden cost like brand erosion and reputational damage. UK’s businesses expect the recovery to last at least two months, following a 13 per cent drop in revenue.

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Contact Us Now 0203 7305366 / businessupport@afronerds.co.uk

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image of cyber attack borehamwoodStealing digital information has been the most common type of fraud, even surpassing physical theft. When using computers to store pertinent data, security is of the utmost importance for both the business and its consumers.  


90% of problems on a Laptop or PC are mostly because of Viruses! Viruses Corrupt, Steal Your Data, Slow Down and Damage Your Laptop or PC.

4 of the most DAMAGING Viruses In 2017 

RANSOM VIRUS. Ransonware virus is the most disruptive and rapidly growing virus to date. Criminals lock you out of your Laptop or PC and demand a ransom from you costing HUNDREDS for you to regain access onto your Laptop or PC. If not they will corrupt your Laptop or PC so that it is unrepairable. Check out more about this virus on the BBC NEWS Website  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

  • Root Kit Virus (Undetectable by Anti Virus)
  • Spyware (It does exactly what it is called. It SPY’S for your Personal Information like Bank Details. Criminals will steal your data and use it)
  • Pop Ups (Disguised as Legit Websites like Microsoft or I tunes)

You may have 1 or more of these viruses! Dont Worry, Call Us NOW, we will sort it IMMEDIATELY. 0203 7305366/07562 051368 / businessupport@afronerds.co.uk

IT Support for your Business

You need your IT equipment to be working smoothly, all the time. With friendly  on-site technicians ready to swing into action at a moment’s notice, we’re here for you when you need us.

Our on-site technicians provide responsive and cost-effective support for clients in their business and at home.  Because they carry the tools required to fix the most common issues, our technicians are able to repair desktop and laptop computer problems on-site, quickly and efficiently.  Feedback tells us this takes the hassle out of having your computer equipment repaired; call us and one of our friendly team will come to you. Whether for your home or your business: our team will be able to deal with your issues.

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image of small business it support borehamwoodOur Guarantee
We 100% GUARANTEE all work carried out, and we will give you a full demonstration of your business network, laptop repair or desktop computer working before asking for any payment!



Mobile Engineer Straight to your door:07562 051368

Afro Nerds offer Home Networking & Small Business Networking in these areas and surrounding areas:

Borehamwood, Elstree, Bushey, Barnet, Shenley, Radlett, London Colney, Mill Hill, Edgware, Stanmore,  Patchetts Green, Aldenham, St Albans, Potters Bar, Welham Green

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