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90% of problems on your PC are mostly because of Viruses! Viruses WILL Corrupt, Steal Your Data, Slow Down and Damage Your Computer.

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RANSOM VIRUS. Ransonware virus is the most disruptive and rapidly growing virus to date. Criminals lock you out of your Laptop or PC and demand a ransom from you costing HUNDREDS for you to regain access onto your Laptop or PC. If not they will corrupt your Laptop or PC so that it is unrepairable. Check out more about this virus on the BBC NEWS Website  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

  • Root Kit Virus (Undetectable by Anti Virus)
  • Spyware (It does exactly what it is called. It SPY’S for your Personal Information like Bank Details. Criminals will steal your data and use it)
  • Pop Ups (Disguised as Legit Websites like Microsoft or I tunes)

You may have 1 or more of these viruses! Dont Worry, Call Us NOW, we will sort it IMMEDIATELY. 0203 7305366/07562 051368

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FREE Inspection & Quote. FREE Backup of all your documents, images, music, videos and favorites/bookmarks. Format your PC which means it will be completely wiped of all data to make sure ALL viruses, spyware and malware is completely removed, then we will reload your Windows Operating System, e.g. Window 7, Window 8, Windows 10, then reload all of your backed up items, put back your favorites/bookmarks and reload any of your additional software/ games for FREE. Also we will give you a FREE update to Windows 10 if you desire Plus install a FREE Microsoft Office Software. FREE Same Day Call Out with On The Spot Fix OR Drop It To Us For FREE Inspection and Immediate Fix!

If it can’t be fixed. No Fix No Fee. 98% of all issues sorted!  ONLY £69

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See our PRICES

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. IMMEDIATE SAME DAY FIX  Call NOW!!! 07562 051368/Office 0203 730 5366

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We offer a 30-day money back Guarantee

Afro Nerds PC Repair is a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers dedicated to providing all home and small business users with a complete range of Computer Repair, upgrade and replacement services. If your home or office computer is suffering from a virus, if the screen is damaged or if it is in desperate need of an upgrade, then look no further! If you think you could benefit from enhanced desktop PC performance or if you’re in need of a PC repair, upgrade or replacement, the friendly and professional team at Afro Nerds PC Repair are available to assist you.

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IMMEDIATE SAME DAY FIX  Call NOW!!! 07562 051368/Office 0203 730 5366

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Virus Removal – A message pops up on your PC screen repeatedly, telling you to buy a security program. It happens so often that you can’t get any work done. Your gut tells you that this is a rip-off, and your gut is correct. The message is adware that found its way onto your system, probably through an online ad for a “free” security scan you clicked on. No matter how many times you run the program it will always find the same problems and keep trying to get more money out of you.

(Please see bottom of page for many more PC issues you may be experiencing)


Mobile Engineer Straight to your door: 07562 051368

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 Who`s Good At Computer Repairs Near Me? Afro Nerds That Who

.As part of our PC repair, replacement and upgrade services, we stock a variety of spare parts and components such as hard drives, motherboards, memory, modems, cases, and keyboards in order to fix any PC problems in a speedy and efficient manner. Not only does Afro Nerds PC Repair offer quick turn around times, but also extremely good value for money and cost effective services. Last but not least, we always compliment our repairs with a great customer service that includes a welcoming approach and friendly advice.

Computer Repair Borehamwood

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PC Repair and Upgrade Services

  • PC Setup and Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware Treatment and Removal
  • Spyware and Virus Protection
  • Solving any Operating System Issues
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Hardware Repair, Replacement or Installation
  • Data Transfer or Recovery
  • Networking
  • PC Performance Enhancement
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Restore and Clean Registry Files
  • Error Messages
  • All Troubleshooting Services

PC Repair Borehamwood

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            OUR  GUARANTEE

             We fix then you pay us. No Risk, No Fuss!!!image of pc repair service borehamwoodimage of virus removal borehamwood

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 Afro Nerds PC Repair are experts in all PC Repair.

Drop it off to us for IMMEDIATE SAME DAY FIX  Call NOW!!! 07562 051368/Office 0203 730 5366

But I can get it done cheaper:

Don’t be fooled by cheaper computer companies that offer cheap computer repair services. This is only a virus removal services. They will ONLY load on a virus removal software, delete any viruses they find, then give you back your laptop or computer. If you have a virus on your PC then all your programs may eventually be infected. Viruses are clever and can be sat on your computer undetected with a set date to corrupt your machine. Virus removing services only removes the viruses that the software can pick up at that time. So another virus can load onto your PC after you have had the virus removing service.

What we do at Afro Nerds PC Repair is format your PC. Which means we wipe your PC hard drive clean of everything. That way it removes ALL viruses or spyware. If your laptop has an option to reset to factory setting then we will do that. Basically, your laptop or PC will be cleaned and given backed to you as like when you first purchased it. PLUS+++ We back up and reload your software, documents, and images for FREE.


Most shops want to charge for an estimate or a diagnosis when we offer a free inspection and free estimate.

If we start a task and after a couple of hours realize we can’t fix it – we don’t charge you. We figure you’re paying us to get the job done. The pay-by-hour plan would mean you’d have to pay the tech for the two fruitless hours he attempted to fix the problem.

PC Repair Borehamwood


PC infections come in all shapes and sizes and no two computer viruses are the same. Some PC viruses will steal your private information, while others will send you countless pop-ups to try to scam you into giving them money. It takes less than 7 minutes for a virus to infect an unsecured computer according to PC Magazine. Most computers these days come with some kind of virus protection when you buy them, such as Norton or McAfee but what most computer users fail to realize is the virus protection those programs offer expires after just a few months, leaving your computer vulnerable to viruses root kits, and other malicious software. At Afro Nerds PC Repair computer repair we remove hundreds of viruses a week; there isn’t anything we haven’t seen. In fact, if for some reason we’re unable to fix your computer, we don’t charge for our service!


Did you know there are programs that wander the internet looking for your private information? Some of them look for passwords, credit card numbers, or even photos and videos. Spyware can get into your system and hide and wait until it gathers enough information before it sends it back to the hacker that created it. Spyware can log anything you type or websites you visit. You can pick up this type of infection just being connected to the internet; you don’t even have to download anything! Give  Afro Nerds PC Repair a call today to remove spyware from your computer for good.


Root kits have been around for a long time. They’re basically high-level programs that run outside of your operating system. What this means is that your anti-virus can’t see them, because it runs within your operating system. These little bits of code can wreak a lot of havoc since they can run with impunity. A simple virus or malware scan won’t detect them, and you need special software to remove them.  Afro Nerds PC Repair knows how to track root kits down and remove them.


Malware is sort of a generic term for bad software. It could mean viruses or spyware, and even root kits. Whatever the term, it is bad news and can cause problems for your system. An easy way to remove this especially if you’re super-infected is to just reformat your system and reinstall your operating system, Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood can remove the malware on your system whether it’s a virus, rootkit, or spyware.


Sometimes when your hard drive starts to go bad you’re given a few hints. A telltale clicking, or buzzing, a slower and slower start up; sometimes there is even an electronic burning smell. However, most often there is no warning at all. At some point, your computer just won’t boot up anymore, or you get an error before Windows loads. The main concern at this point isn’t how much will it cost to repair, it’s did I just loose all my stuff?! At Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood, we can diagnose your hard drive problem for free; figure out if your data is recoverable, and then install a new hard drive in your system. We can recover your data, burn it to a DVD, back it up online, or put it on your new drive, however you want it.


One of the first things to go wrong, physically, with a PC is the power supply. The reason is that most PC manufacturers don’t use very good power supplies in their machines. They do it to save money, but in the end, it probably costs them a lot of warranty work. The power supply converts your normal household power into the electric maelstrom your PC needs to run all of its components. Without it, your PC just won’t turn on. When it’s on the fritz it can send too much power to your PC and fry your machine. If it sends too little power, the CPU could overheat because the fans don’t work to capacity. In any case, we at Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood computer repair can replace the power supply on your machine. We could even repair it, but it’s far cheaper to just replace it.


Your motherboard is a lot like your spine. Everything in your PC needs to use the motherboard for power. Apple calls theirs a logic board. Diagnosing a bad motherboard is difficult. There really isn’t any way to be sure if your motherboard needs to be repaired until you’ve tested everything else on your machine. Even then it’s probably your power supply anyway. One telltale sign of a bad Motherboard is to look at the transistors on the motherboard. If they have crud kind of coming out of them, are crooked, or leaning, it could mean your motherboard is bad. More often than not though when EVERYTHING else in your system checks out and you still get inexplicable crashes, it’s probably your motherboard. Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood  can replace your motherboard.


Whether you’re a graphics designer, a video editor or a video gamer, your PC’s graphics card is pretty important. The function of the card is pretty self-explanatory. The thing about modern day graphics cards is they are miniature computers unto themselves; they have a board much like a motherboard, a CPU, and RAM. It can also be the most expensive component in your PC. If it goes bad, you could be looking at a replacement cost in the hundreds of pounds. We only cover Hertfordshire for PC repair so can replace your card quickly. Give us a call for a free estimate.


Most modern computers have the network card built into the motherboard. However, there are aftermarket upgrades you can buy to speed up your network. There are also wireless network cards you can add to your system. Like anything on your PC, these cards can go bad, and they can be replaced. In many cases, it’s pretty inexpensive for this type of computer repair.


So, the CPU is the brains of the whole system. If this piece of equipment is down, it’s pretty bad news. The most common repair for a CPU is reseating it or adding more cooling. The CPU gets really hot and can expand and contract in its place. Given the right circumstances, it can dislodge from its position and not make total contact with the motherboard. Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood can reseat your CPU add more thermal paste, and even add more cooling to your PC.


The average system has two fans, which is ok under optimum conditions. But once you start to introduce pet hair, dust, and various other matter that the fans suck into your computer, conditions quickly become less than optimal. Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood can replace fans, make the ones you have run better, and we can even set up filters to your PC so the fans don’t actually suck anything into your system but air, the way Michael Dell intended.


If you play video games on your PC, a good sound card is almost as important as your graphics card. This is certainly the case if you edit audio or have a huge collection of files. At Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood  we can replace these cards and get the tunes working again.


If you’re like a lot of us, you have a DSLR camera and take a lot of photos. You can max out an SD card in no time, which means you have to move all of those files to your computer. Your card reader can work overtime, and if it isn’t working right it can damage your card, and maybe even be the catalyst to you losing some of your best photos. You have to have a good reader.  Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood can replace these readers for you. We can even recover data from your SD cards if necessary.


USB hubs aren’t very expensive, so replacing them doesn’t cost much. But if you have a USB card installed on your system, it can short out other components on your system. Not to mention if you have something critical plugged into a bad card you can lose data.  Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood can replace these cards, or remove them so you can use a USB hub instead.


New software is great! It can make your life easier and more organized. The only downside is that learning how to use and upgrade new software can lead to countless hours of frustration. We can upgrade your OS (operating system), or the programs that you use most. Software Upgrades can actually be fun. We will show you how to upgrade your programs, and use them. Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood will make sure your PC settings are optimized for the best performance! We upgrade all operating systems, Mac programs, Windows programs, Digital Camera software, and computer accessory programs.


Your PC needs to stay updated against viruses and spyware. Today the virus industry has evolved, Worms, Trojan horses, spyware, malware, adware, storm worms are all out there…. Who can keep up with all of these malicious characters? Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood!

We offer an in-depth virus removal cleaning solution that will completely clean your PC of its current infestations, once your PC is clean We can help you get set up with proper anti-virus software to keep viruses from coming back. Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood is the best for PC protection.


  • We will install industry standard virus removal and virus protection software.
  • Fix the blue screen of death.
  • Clean up any damages caused by viruses or malware.
  • Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, worms and trojans.
  • Teach you how to surf the internet in the safest way possible.
  • Remove all pop-up error messages and fix the issue causing them.


Have you bought a new PC lately, or do you need to transfer files from your work computer to your home computer? We offer a safe and dependable Data Transfer Service.

If you entrust your priceless data to us, then we will treat it as if it were our own. Transferring Data can be done safely and securely. We will move all of your home videos and pictures safely from one PC to the next. Data transfer is something we handle very cautiously.

Would you like to set up a secure home network?

Call  Afro Nerds PC Repair Borehamwood NOW on 0203 730 5366 and we will visit you at your convenience for a free call out, free quote and free inspection.


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