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Signs of a faulty Hard Drive

Does a Blue or Black Screen appear? Or otherwise known as the Black/Blue Screen of Death. This mostly happens when you first switch your computer or laptop on but can just appear whilst you are using your computer. It will have white coded writing.

Does your computer or laptop just hang? Does it have a blue circle that keeps going round and around.

Does it just freeze and you cant do anything apart from restarting it?

Does it just shut of for no reason?

A replacement Hard Drive costs  ONLY £89 including fitting. A new Hard drive will need Windows installed which is a extra £69. We will back up your items of your old Hard Drive and place onto your new Hard drive for FREE if data can be retrieved and if data is not corrupted with a virus. This is all included within the cost. The standard replacement Hard drive size for £89 for 500 gig. The Hard Drive comes with a 12 month warranty.

Another Common Error Message is NTLDR Missing

Drop it off to us for IMMEDIATE SAME DAY FIX  Call NOW!!! 07562 051368/Office 0203 730 5366



Afro Nerds offer Computer Repair & Laptop Repair in these areas and surrounding areas:
Watford, North Watford, Croxley Green, Aldenham, Patchetts Green, Bushey, Shenley, Radlett and Elstree.



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