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Macs DO Get Viruses. Call us TODAY and we will fix it TODAY!

Although Macs are commonly known not to get viruses, In 2017 over half a million Macs were infected with a piece of Malware.Viruses WILL Corrupt, Steal Your Data, Slow Down and Damage Your Computer.

DATA LOSS? Please click on our Data Loss page

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RANSOM VIRUS. Ransonware virus is the most disruptive and rapidly growing virus to date. Criminals lock you out of your Laptop or PC and demand a ransom from you costing HUNDREDS for you to regain access onto your Laptop or PC. If not they will corrupt your Laptop or PC so that it is unrepairable. For more info, check out the BBC NEWS Website  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/

  • Root Kit Virus (Undetectable by Anti Virus)
  • Spyware (It does exactly what it is called. It SPY’S for your Personal Information like Bank Details. Criminals will steal your details and use it)
  • Pop Ups (Disguised as Legit Websites like Microsoft or I tunes)

You may have 1 or more of these viruses! Don`t Worry, Call Us and we will sort it IMMEDIATELY. 0203 7305366/07562 051368


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 Afro Nerds Apple Mac Repair Borehamwood provide Apple Mac desktop repairs (i Mac Intel, Mac mini, Mac Pro) and Apple Mac laptop repairs (Mac Book, Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air). Have a problem with your Mac then call us NOW the repairs can often be completed within 24 hours

Who`s Good At Apple Mac Repairs Near You? Afro Nerds That`s Who.

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Call Us 0203 730 5366 / Email Us info@afronerds.co.uk OR Book An Appointment

Apple Mac Repair Borehamwood

image of apple mac repair 30 day guarantee elstreeMacintosh computers are extremely good but on occasion your  i Mac or Mac book Pro will need a little extra TLC. The Apple computer repair Techs here at Afro Nerds Laptop PC Repair are highly skilled at repairing and troubleshooting all Apple computer problems.

APPLE SOFTWARE TROUBLESHOOTING. Believe it or not Apples do have issues. While the hardware and design are impeccable, the software that’s written for them isn’t always perfect. One bad update to one program can cause system instability, or slow your Mac Book to a crawl. CALL Laptop Afro Nerds Apple Mac Repair can fix any software issue you have.

I MAC, MAC BOOK, & POWER MAC REPAIR AND UPGRADE. Even the most powerful Mac starts showing its age after a few years. As new programs come out the need for more resources increases. Afro Nerds Apple Mac Repair Team can upgrade your Apple computer to run faster than ever. We carry a full inventory of Mac compatible hardware such as RAM and Hard Drives. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

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You Pay Us When the job is Done. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

Apple Mac Repair Borehamwood

  • Virus Removal ONLY £79 – Macs do get viruses. In 2017 over half a million Macs were infected with a piece of Malware. Mac OS X isn’t immune to viruses. Now that Macs are starting to get more popular, you can bet the bad guys will be writing more malware for i Macs, Mac Books, and Power Macs than ever before. It’s better to get protected now, than have to deal with an expensive cleanup later. Give Afro Nerds Apple Mac repair service a call to get you protected.
  • NTLDR is missing?- Mac boot up problem? This is a common problem, caused by one of the boot files being missing or damaged. If the hard drive is still working, we would carry out a re-installation of Operating System. Cost: £99-
  • Data Recovery From £39- If your computer completely fails or your hard drive fails or maybe you have brought a new computer or laptop and want us to transfer your work to your new machine?Afro Nerds Apple Mac Repair can recover your data from your mac hard drive.

(Please see bottom of page for many more Computer issues you may be experiencing)

  • Mac product repairs
  • Apple Mac Consultancy Service
  • Mac system and software deployment
  • Mac integration in mixed-platform environment


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             We fix then you pay us. No Risk, No Fuss!!!
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Afro Nerds are experts in all Apple Mac Repair.

Apple Mac Repair Borehamwood

PRICES- Most shops want to charge for an estimate or a diagnosis when we offer a free inspection and free estimate.

If we start a task and after a couple of hours realize we can’t fix it – we don’t charge you. We figure you’re paying us to get the job done. The pay-by-hour plan would mean you’d have to pay the tech for the two fruitless hours he attempted to fix the problem.


If you have a infection on your Mac Book. What do you do, how do you get rid of it? Well the short answer is you give Afro Nerds apple mac repair a call to come over and fix it. We’ll remove your infection and get you protected all in one visit.


Your mac needs to stay updated against viruses and spyware. Today the virus industry has evolved, Worms, Trojan horses, spyware, malware, adware, storm worms are all out there…. Who can keep up with all of these malicious characters? Afro Nerds can help!

We offer an in-depth virus removal cleaning solution that will completely clean your computer of it’s current infestations, once your computer is clean We can help you get set up with proper anti-virus software to keep viruses from coming back. Afro Nerds Mac Team is the best for computer protection.


  • We will install industry standard virus removal and virus protection software.
  • Fix the blue screen of death.
  • Clean up any damages caused by viruses or malware.
  • Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, worms and trojans.
  • Teach you how to surf the internet in the safest way possible.
  • Remove all pop-up error messages and fix the issue causing them.

Call Us Today, We Will Fix It Today!


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Afro Nerds offer Computer Repair & Laptop Repair in these areas and surrounding areas:
Borehamwood, Elstree, Bushey, Barnet, Shenley, Radlett, London Colney, Mill Hill, Edgware, Stanmore,  Patchetts Green, Aldenham, St Albans, Potters Bar, Welham Green

Apple Mac Repair Borehamwood

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